20/07/2016 22:13:19
Phil A
Weymouth ST coming up on the 30th and 31st July. Details at http://www.wsc.org.uk/merlinrocket
One of our members Charlotte, runs a guest house on the seafront and she has reduced the minimum stay to one night http://www.acquabeachhotel.co.uk if that helps with accommodation. As of writing I know she has some vacancies.
If you think you might come please do let us know via the pre-registration link - no money needed at this stage - just helps give us some idea on numbers.
Look forward to seeing you... 

24/07/2016 15:14:01
Philip, what time is the First Warning on Saturday?

25/07/2016 09:07:06
Phil A
Ben, first warning 13:25 - details at http://www.wsc.org.uk/merlinrocket - hope to see you there...

25/07/2016 17:16:04
Jon Steward
Hi Phil
Can we drop our boat off on Friday evening?

26/07/2016 08:59:54
Phil A
Hi Jon - Yes no problem, boats can be dropped off Friday Evening - Vehicles are not allowed to remain in the yard though - sorry. I'll ensure the gates are unlocked - all welcome to pop in the club for a drink if you fancy.

26/07/2016 15:49:37
Lou Johnson
Hi Phil,
I don't suppose you have any other suggestions for accommodation, Weymouth looks to be very popular this weekend?

27/07/2016 11:47:01
Phil A
Hi Lou - If you contact me via one of the numbers on the Notice of race available on the Weymouth SC web site http://www.wsc.org.uk/merlinrocket - I think I can help you.

28/07/2016 10:51:25
Ben 3767

Weymouth-the new Salcombe?!



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