DISCOUNTED EARLY ENTRY ENDS ON FRIDAY (1ST JULY) - Selden Merlin Rocket Nationals 2016

28/06/2016 21:31:32
More harassment... you may have been personally knobbled by us in person or via any number of different means recently - email, FB, text, carrier pigeon, pirate code, semaphore, message in bottle, etc, etc. If not, and you're reading this now, consider yourself knobbled.
Entries for the Selden Merlin Championships are coming in steadily now, but the cheaper rate ends this week... Just think, you could spend the 30 quid you save by entering early on beers for you, your friends, and your lovely champs organisers! Don't delay... enter today! 
Tim & Lucy
(Lovely champs organisers) 

30/06/2016 09:57:33
Last chance guys and girls - discounted entry ends tomorrow!!

01/07/2016 10:06:59
This is it - last day of cheap entry! Can we get 50 entries 6 weeks out? It'd be great to do so!


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