The Millbrook Inn

21/06/2016 17:09:21
Hi guys,
I hope you don't mind me posting on here as a long time Merlin hanger-on!
Some of you may have heard that Tess and I bought The Millbrook Inn 3 weeks ago, which many of you have visited by boat on the tide from Salcombe. 
Last Thursday the pub was hit by a massive flash flood.  Whilst Prawle and Salcombe saw 0-6mm of rain, we had 77mm in less than an hour in the valley above the pub.  The gentle bubbling brook at the back swelled to 2.5m high and diverted through the pub destroying all electrical items, contaminating stock and damaging floors, walls, doors, windows, furniture and shelving.
The pub is slightly liable to flooding, but usually ankle deep pooling from a high tide. This means the pub is uninsurable for flood damage. 
The local & national press picked up on it and below are a few articles, videos and pictures:
We are hoping you will all come down this summer to help support our recovery and join us for dinner & drinks over the summer if you're down for Merlin Week or Salcombe Town Regatta to.  We do excellent food and beer, and will be running a bar outside to speed up service for those who've experienced the previous slow owners!
If anyone has any skills as a tradesman, we're looking for help to repair damage, or if you have contacts in the catering supplies business, we need to replace all fridges, freezers, ice machines, dishwashers, glasswashers and a huge amount of contaminated stock.  
Alternatively if you are aware of any govt schemes (for business), tax breaks, have any financial advice or anything similar, please let us know.
Alternatively if you are feeling especially generous, a kind local has set us up a Crowdfunding page to help us raise some of the £10-20k needed to get the pub back up on its feet. 
Many thanks in advance, and hopefully see you this summer:
Charlie & Tess
07967 046770 

27/06/2016 13:14:09
So sorry to hear that. We will certainly be making the trip - tides allowing!


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