Summer mag

16/06/2016 17:57:00
I was woofing today at the magazine printers and they said the magazine was most likely being despatched next Wednesday
Your flight at Salcombe will still look more dificult than the others   It's always that way

23/06/2016 13:25:33
Tough looking flights

Quite a few new members. Or late address changes missed the distribution list but fear not when I get the spares will get them out too yoo

Great mag again pat well done

23/06/2016 14:12:00
Ian 3555
Thanks for the mag Pat. Looking like a great year for Salcombe watching. 70th Birthday Party tickets booked  - many thanks Alex and UTSC

28/06/2016 20:19:40
Woof woof

I'm getting spares tomorrow so will send of mags Thursday

Looking forward seeing the other dogs at Salcombe and catch up on doggy tails


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