10/06/2016 13:12:58
Please can anybody recommend a boat insurer that will cover an agreed amount rather than the secondhand value? It could be quite easy with an old boat to get into the position where the potential cost of a major repairs could exceed the sum insured. thanks.

10/06/2016 14:12:42
Andrew Mills
Tim I have been insured with Bishop Skinner for a long time and have Heaven Sent insured with an agreed value of £5000.  I have had them settle several claims both after collisions and from the boat somewhat disintegrating at Tenby and I have not had an issue regarding the value.

12/06/2016 21:52:53
Thanks Andrew. Will give them a ring.

13/06/2016 16:17:24
Yes Bishops Skinner the's place to head - very helpful people too!

13/06/2016 17:57:36
Mike Liggett
Have insured my 2 Merlins - 235 & 1939 with Bishop Skinner for many years, with 235 for £500.


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