08/06/2016 00:01:13
Hoping for a bumper turnout at the weekend!
I have sorted several people out with beds but is there anyone else still stuck?  I may be able to help.
Phone or Email safer than the forum. 
07 712 010 264
ps link to NoR is
pps Item for next MR committee agenda - please can we have hyperlinks to this info on the front page of the Class website????  

08/06/2016 10:51:42
Frances Gifford

There you go Dan - done.  It is very easy to do - just takes a person with the time to be updating regularly.  It did even come up at our most recent committee meeting......


08/06/2016 14:17:47
Ben 3767
 In that case Fran could we have  a hyperlink to the Merlin merchandise site on the front page of the class website as well please? 


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