River Championships

18/05/2016 20:07:13
The early entry discount for the River Championships, held during Bourne End Week, finishes on 22nd May.  The event takes place between Saturday 28th May and Tuesday 31st May, but with two discards, the trophy can be won by the end of the Bank Holiday!  See the website utsc.org.uk for more information and access to the BEW Portal.
The galley will be open throughout, and camping is available in Sin City next to the club.  Fingers crossed we get good weather for the cocktail party on the Sunday night.
Hope you can make it, and don't miss the deadline.

19/05/2016 12:22:48
Chris Rathbone

Well said Richard! Really looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.



23/05/2016 16:55:16
Team Daisy
We can't wait for the cocktail party... Looking forward to seeing everyone - there is still time to enter!!

23/05/2016 20:17:47

The bookings for camping in Sin City are rolling in - don't leave it too late to book!

04/06/2016 18:02:34
Many thanks to all the visitors who joined us at Bourne End Week. We hope you had a good time, on and off the water! See you next year, I hope

06/06/2016 20:05:22
Richard Pausey
Congratulations to Rob Cage, winner of the River Championships.
Full results are available here: http://www.utsc.org.uk/index.php?id=47&result_id=1&season=2016-2017 
See you at the 70th Celebrations in September! 


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