Aldeburgh Silver Tiller this weekend

17/05/2016 18:12:21
Frances Gifford

Aldeburgh Yacht Club is looking forward to welcoming the merlin fleet to Aldeburgh this coming weekend.  The forecast is improving everytime I look at it, and hopefully will continue to do so.  I can confirm the race officer is putting a lot of thought into best possible courses.

The notice of race is here: NoR and SIs

The club will be serving a two course meal for £11 relatively early evening 6.30ish.  The bar will be open and then at some point we may wander into town to visit a pub or two (if last year is anything to go by).

The menu for Saturday evening is as follows:


 Fish Pie served with Calabrese and Carrots


Goats Cheese Risotto served with Garlic Bread  (V)


Beef Lasagne served with Salad and Garlic Bread





Fruit Crumble with Custard or Cream

I had to look up calabrese - its a type of broccoli.
It would help me and the caterers out if people could let me know if they plan to join us for the evening meal and if so which main course they would like.  Please email or drop me a text on [email protected] or 07810446377.
There is free camping on site. 
It is a beautiful estuary, and with no home boats it's extremely hospitable of the club to welcome us again this year.
Looking forward to seeing lots of people.
Any questions or problems please do give me a call.

17/05/2016 20:38:44
Jon Steward
Hi Fran
I'd like to book a table for Annabel and myself for the evening.
Double helping of Calabrese please with custard.

23/05/2016 13:11:22
Piers Lambert

Great Weekend event with friendly welcome.  Gusty Saturday and light fickle Sunday made an interesting sail!

Congratulations to Tim Fells and Olly Wells!

23/05/2016 19:09:21
Yes big thanks to aldeburgh particularly for being so quick in with rescue
Think I've got a fracture red metacarp.    Lesson for me was not to wrap the main sheet around my hand


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