2016 HD Sails Midland Circuit after 4 events

07/05/2016 17:36:23
Martin Smith

2016 HD Sails Midland Circuit

So this is where we are after four events, four to qualify including at least one non ST event and we have two such events coming soon, Trent Valley 22nd May and Swarkstone 28th May, we are hoping to add Manor Park to the list later in the year. 


Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 35, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st BlithfieldMatt BiggsJohn Hackett2.02.0(3.0)
2nd BlithfieldSteve LeneyGill Leney1.04.08.0(36.0 DNC)49.013.0
3rd RedditchColin AndersonSean Anderson(6.0)
4th MidlandChris MartinOliver Maclean(36.0 DNC)
5th BlithfieldPaul HollisVarious8.06.07.0(36.0 DNC)57.021.0
6th SwarkstoneSam HirstKarl Martin10.010.0(11.0)
7th BlithfieldChris GouldChris Kilsby(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC1.
8th WembleyAnthony RickabyMayuri Shah9.016.013.0(36.0 DNC)74.038.0
9th BlithfieldMartin SmithKaren Beston11.018.012.0(36.0 DNC)77.041.0
10th BlithfieldCaroline CroftBeka Jones(36.0 DNC)1.036.0 DNC5.078.042.0
11th MidlandMike CollesVarious14.014.015.0(36.0 DNC)79.043.0
12th MidlandRob KennaughVarious3.07.0(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC82.046.0
13th RYABen HollisJames Dawes(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC6.
14th WembleyPaul DeaneNiki Della-Porta7.0(36.0 DNC)9.036.0 DNC88.052.0
15th MidlandRichard DeeRob Kennaugh(36.0 DNC)13.036.0 DNC7.092.056.0
16th Trent ValleyGuy BrowneAndy Hunter13.0(36.0 DNC)10.036.0 DNC95.059.0
17th MidlandMike AinslowVarious12.012.0(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC96.060.0
18th BartleyMark ReddingtonColin Staite5.021.0(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC98.062.0
19th BlithfieldKieron MasonGeorge Mason15.011.0(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC98.062.0
20th ShustokeSimon Potts?(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC2.036.0 DNC110.074.0
21st NorthamptonDave WadwRach Rhodes(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC36.0 DNC3.0111.075.0
22nd BlithfieldAndy Davis?(36.0 DNC)3.036.0 DNC36.0 DNC111.075.0
23rd MidlandRichie AdamsAndrew Prosser4.0(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC36.0 DNC112.076.0
24th BlithfieldTim MaleRebecca Male(36.0 DNC)9.036.0 DNC36.0 DNC117.081.0
25th BanburyTimothy Bury?(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC14.036.0 DNC122.086.0
26th NottinghamDanna Church (36.0 DNC)15.036.0 DNC36.0 DNC123.087.0
27th MidlandMalcolm Hyams (36.0 DNC)17.036.0 DNC36.0 DNC125.089.0
28th MidlandSteve Watson (36.0 DNC)19.036.0 DNC36.0 DNC127.091.0
29th MidlandJulian Harms (36.0 DNC)20.036.0 DNC36.0 DNC128.092.0


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