03/05/2016 14:07:38
It seems to me that many of the newer Merlin's are prone to the rudder stalling in certain conditions. Certainly more so than other classes and the older Merlin's I have sailed. I appreciate that any foil will have a point at which it will stall-out ...angle of attack, speed etc. Has anyone else experienced and thought about this problem? Leading on from this has anyone successfully reprofiled the leading edge of the new molded or laminated rudders?

05/05/2016 12:57:23
Andy 3376

05/05/2016 15:56:58
Andrew Mills
What is a tubercle?
I do remember when I was looking at a book a while back about the physics of sailing that the issue with rudders is the tradeoff between stall susceptibility and drag.  A finer leading edge gives quite a bit less drag but will stall at lower angles of incidence.  I expect this is what has happened over the last 20 odd years of development as the class has been moving towards straight line speed the rudder profiles have changed.  Maybe next time I am at an open we can compare the profiles on my original Jon Turner 1994 rudders?  I don't think we have any limitation on the number of rudders or blades we can use so you could in theory have a selection for various conditions. 

25/05/2016 15:22:25
Jon Turner rudders don't stall. Ask Taxi, Ben Hollis, or anyone else who has one. Available as just the blade (fits Winder stock) or with full carbon stock+tiller and unitary mounting. Call Jon on 07712 436745.

28/05/2016 14:48:21
Ive often hear people talking about rudders stalling and thought how does tat actually manifest itself
Like what happens or doesn't

28/05/2016 18:03:59
Ben 3767
 What Richard said. 


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