Sharp's Doom Bar Merlin Week Flight allocation/trophies.

25/04/2016 12:41:10

CLASS FLAG: BOOM! The Merlin Rocket Honorary Flight-master General will soon be pronouncing upon fleet allocation.

This being so, would those of you who have yet to provide their boat details to the SYC office kindly do so now, so we can bring the entry list up to date as far as we can? [email protected]
BLACK FLAG: BOOM! A reminder please also to 2015 trophy winners: could you ensure your trophy comes back to the Salcombe Office in time for Merlin week? Ideally please, in the condition you would like to receive it when you win it again.
Finally, this year, each entry will receive a complimentary "HD SAILS" sponsored/Merlin week 2.5l dry bag which have now arrived in the office.  Very snazzy and also useful. We hope you will like them. Our thanks to Taxi and Jim at HD SAILS for this generous sponsorship.
Graham  CS. ppSYC


25/04/2016 14:52:34
 Re flight allocations should we contact GGGGGG ?

26/04/2016 19:40:11
April turns into May, and a sailors thoughts turn to Salcombe Week....
If you should have flight requests, now is the time to advise Seedingsmeister at [email protected]
As usual, we attempt to accommodate as far as possible - but no promises and no liabilities!
If you can follow GCS advise and update boat/ crew details over the next day or two that would be very helpful.

26/04/2016 22:42:18
Kieron Mason
Hi Seedingsmeister,
Could the email address be confirmed please - the latest one I have for you is different and using the one posted just gets 'undeliverable' returned 

11/06/2016 09:07:48
Roger Gilbert
Anyone know when the flight allocations will be up?

11/06/2016 09:30:08
Roger Gilbert
Anyone know when the flight allocations will be up?

11/06/2016 19:36:53
I don't know if G Cranford-Smith has a different plan this year Roger, but historically they are published in the summer edition of the magazine.

12/06/2016 17:47:31
Where can you find the entry list

17/06/2016 13:57:34
Graham Cranford Smith

Merlin week entry list is on:

Only two on the waiting list now.  


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