Carnac 27th – 30th May 2017 . Provisional date for your diary.

04/12/2015 16:55:48
About twenty Merlins came to the inaugural "UK Classes on Tour" event in Carnac, France May 2014, I think. This was  shared with the Larks, Scorpions, Enterprises, National Twelves. Maybe 100 boats in all.
I can report that the last time we went, it was brilliant. The organisation was superb; so was the racing the weather and the socials. Fran nearly won a race by setting off to the incorrect marks as well, We all followed. There is something for everyone.
At the moment the event is provisional but could you record  any expressions of interest here so we can feedback to Tom Jeffcoate who is very kindly organising the event?

05/12/2015 09:50:42
Tim Fells
It was a great event last year and I would definitely go back in 2017

06/12/2015 20:18:49
David Downs
We will go again, it was great last time.

07/12/2015 21:16:59
Nick Craig

 yep this was a top event - well run racing and a great town for food, families & beer!

will hopefully be back as well

09/12/2015 19:09:30
We will be at Carnac 😊

22/10/2016 20:31:04
Andy Jones
Sounds great - we're up for that! 


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