Thin Jib Sheets

01/08/2014 16:00:40
Geoff Wright
My new tapered jib sheets have been generating crew complaint-from Katie and Carole at Salcombe Week and Noelle since-they are much thinner than the old ones and hard to grip-all the regular suppliers seem to have gone over to jib sheets which are now thinner than spinny sheets.  The previous tapered sheets were much better.  Anyone know where I can get sensible ones? 

01/08/2014 16:39:08
Mark Stockbridge
So no one can be accused of advertising themselves I was happy with the set that DinghyTec made up for me, I'm also sure that any of the major dinghy chandleries would make a fatter set for you if you give them a call (I tend to use Sailboats or P&B). Alternatively make your own using a thicker diameter of Marlow Excel Fusion (or similar). Plenty of videos on YouTube on how to create tapered sheets out of this...

02/08/2014 11:45:11
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
I wrote a guide on the Y&Y forum on the best way to taper sheets... 

If you want advice feel free to email me. I am always happy to discuss rigging with my fellow rocket sailors

02/08/2014 11:59:36
Gareth Griffiths NHRC

02/08/2014 15:14:57
Hi Geoff,  Speak to Chris at Creation Covers - he supplies some very nice ones. Regards, Dave

03/08/2014 19:08:46
Or go DIY, it's very satisfying and you'll get the thickness you require, for sure...

04/08/2014 08:32:26
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Really not very difficult either..

04/08/2014 08:33:33
We run 6 mm Fusion 75 tapered kite sheets (red), 7 mm Fusion 75 tapered jib sheets (blue), 8 mm Fusion 75 tapered mainsheet (black). No crew complaints.
Materials in stock. If you send us your lengths for taper and overall length, we can qoute (barnsieb14(at)

04/08/2014 08:56:47
Geoff Wright
Sorted now many thanks to Chris at DinghyTec-6 mm (measures nearly 7) cruising dyneema-tested in 30knts gusts at Blithfield and crew approval confirmed.  


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