Frances's Run

17/07/2014 21:57:55
David 3655

 Some of you may be aware that my wife & crew Frances, was diagnosed with Churg-Strauss Syndrome last July.  The illness has meant that she hardly sailed last year and is now beginning to get back into it, but only in a limited wind range. The vasculitus that she suffered last summer has left her with a number of new challenges in life. Because and in spite of these, she has been working hard for the last few weeks with the aim of completing a 5K run at the beginning of August to raise money for the brain injury charity Headway and she would really appreciate any support you could give her by visiting her fund raising page at and sponsoring her – she’s already reached  over £900 and it would be great to see this reach four figures.
5k will be a huge achievement from where she was a few weeks ago when she started running for the first time in her life and, due to her brain injury had to work hard on teaching her legs and feet to do the necessary.
Thank you

 David Wilkins

3655 Loosed Cannon

25/07/2014 23:16:10
David 3655

"A year ago today I was, I am told, ...within half an hour of dying. At best they thought I would have serious brain damage.

But I am here! And next week I am going to run 5k to raise money for Headway, the charity which supports people with acquired brain injury and their families. I am lucky. My brain damage is small.

When I left hospital, I had limited use of my limbs. I couldn't read. I couldn't tell the time. I couldn't do lots of things that we take for granted. I am lucky. So much has come back, thanks to medication and hard work.

If you haven't already, please make this birthday special for me and my amazing family by sponsoring me in my run. Thank you. "

This is a shameless "bump" as Frances's run is now just a week away - the quote is from her Facebook Timeline today.

 Her sponsorship for Headway has almost reached £1,200 so far - there's still time for more!
Thanks for reading this.
 David Wilkins
3655 - Loosed Cannon 

29/07/2014 23:03:33
David 3655

Another shameless "bump".

The total for Headway is now approaching an amazing £1,700. Every pound raised gives Frances more encouragement. Her run is on Saturday.

She is a long way off being Salcombe fit at the moment with each tack and gybe, and each spinnaker pole hook on being quite challenging. This is a year on from her vasculitis last year, maybe by next year's Salcombe week we'll feel more race fit.
Anyway  - a huge thank you to those who have already sponsored Frances, if you haven't yet and wish to help, please visit Frances' Virgin Money Giving page and hit the "donate now" button and the "share page" button.
Thank you 


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