Salcombe pics

12/07/2014 17:58:02
Alex 3627
Here are a few pics I took during the week.  Let me know if you would like full size files and I can send them your way! Thanks to everyone involved with organising and everyone who sailed for making it another fantastic week!! :-)

13/07/2014 14:39:31
Alan Feist

Great Pics, but none of 3571... you had probably packed up and gone to the bar by the time we sailed around!! Any idea who the company was that were selling pics at the club?  We never managed to get up there to have a look...  would be nice to get some pics of our adventure but understand they won't be selling on-line?! 

13/07/2014 22:01:00
Alan, the photographer at SYC was Peter Newton. You can contact him at [email protected]

14/07/2014 07:36:36
Alan Feist
Many thanks Keith.

14/07/2014 14:01:35
Alan Feist
Pics still available by contacting Peter Newton; I gave him a call and all sorted.


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