Bouyancy Endorsement

11/09/2013 08:45:12
Paul Hollis
Hi Alan there will be plenty of committee members round at signing on to sign for you.\r\n\r\nregards\r\n\r\npaul

21/02/2014 17:18:40
I'll give you a demonstration at Salcombe

22/05/2014 19:28:03
Having got a new certificate from the RYA after purchasing 3571 we have now done the requisite bouyancy test and I am happy to sign the certificate to confirm she doesn't sink.  Will someone be around at Salcombe registration to counter-sign for me so we can make sure we are compliant ahead of the registration/briefing? .... I'd hate to miss out on the winners medal due to a technicality... (...and then I woke up !)

22/05/2014 19:28:03
"Fab, thanks Paul.  Magazine just arrived... how can I not win now I have all these tips!!"

16/06/2014 10:28:09
Andrew M
I note I have again been mentioned in despatches in relation to where NOT to sail at Salcombe (thanks Dan and Pat) however on my track record I will probably also be giving a demonstration of capsize recovery somewhere between the fuel barge and Mill Bay.


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