Ranelagh Open Meeting - this SATURDAY - 3pm.

09/01/2014 10:15:04
This is the second meeting in the Thames Series. Therefore the current series standings are as per the Tamesis results from April...

05/02/2014 22:44:45
Alex 3627
"I'll be there! Hoping for a good turn out!! Downriver races are unique and amazing fun and only every 2 years! If you've done one before you won't need any convincing.  If you've not done one before, you definitely need to come and give it a go!! No other races on the circuit where you get to sail through central london under the famous bridges!! :-)"

07/05/2014 15:48:27
Frances Gifford
"Hi All,\r\n\r\nJust a reminder that there is Ranelagh Thames Series open meeting on Saturday 7th June.  This is a downriver race.  Downriver races are great fun, under the bridges towards central London.  Down with the ebb, back with the flood.  One longish race, seeing the sights.\r\n\r\nBeing a Saturday, you may think there could be parking issues, but because it is a downriver race, there are no parking issues because you can park for free on the sloped Embankment, and the water will be absolutely nowhere near your vehicle either pre-launching or post race.\r\n\r\nShould be great fun.  Please come and support Ranelagh Sailing Club in our 125th year.\r\n\r\nRace start 3pm.  BBQ to follow!!\r\n\r\nAll welcome - great practise for the Silver Tiller in October.  Bring wide and narrow boats.\r\n\r\nIf you would like accoms give a shout.\r\n\r\nAny questions please do give me a buzz.\r\n\r\nFran\r\n07810446377"

02/06/2014 09:52:56
Lou & Mark
"We second what Richard has already said. Ranelagh was very welcoming as always, and the BBQ following the racing whilst sat on the banks of the river in glorious sunshine was the icing on the cake! The pressure is on for Lymington to maintain the high standard......."

06/06/2014 14:46:46
Nick Price
Please note start is at 3pm NOT 11.30 as per Events on Merlin Page.

07/06/2014 22:48:06
Richard (3606)
"Thanks to Ranelagh for putting on a great event today.  Aside from crewing in the Tideway race back in 2006, this was my first down river race as a helm.  Good to take in all the sights of London as we sailed to Battersea Power Station and back."


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