Carnac SWAGS

08/11/2013 08:31:40
Mark Barnes
Take bikes and cycle down to Quiberon. Worth the trip and takes about 1 hour for the fit ones. Also worth having a look at the neolithic stones as well :)

05/01/2014 12:50:41
"Of course carnac is the site of one of the largest stone circles in Northern Europe, is it not? Fascinating - and a beautiful bit of countryside as well!"

13/02/2014 13:31:37
Tom J
Fiona Cam has researched a few local activities that might be of interest to the shore party in Carnac... please take a look at and let her know ASAP if any are of interest or if you have any questions.

13/02/2014 13:31:37
Tom J
Any interest please use this: and we'll forward it on to Fiona.

13/02/2014 13:31:37
Tom J
"The launching is very good - nice concrete slipways into a sheltered harbour. As for next year, anyone wanting to organise something is very welcome to, I have other ideas to work on tho so won't be doing it again..."

16/05/2014 09:37:30
Nick Craig
"sounds good!\r\nnot sure how you log an interest, my family are up for Foret Adrenaline adventure park"

20/05/2014 12:33:51
Former Whitstable Pro
This sounds a good event and one which might attract Wayfarers for next year .Is the launching suitable for these somewhat heavy dinghies - they don't like soft sand .


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