not an early april fool.....

28/06/2013 01:07:01
Reading their Commodore's comments on their website, the lack of water is caused by the rain being the wrong sort of water for Severn Trent to use!  Hence they have been drawing water from Shustoke.

30/07/2013 01:32:23
We've got plenty spare down here. I'll send a couple of bucketsful up!!

21/01/2014 10:17:54
customer came into the workshop seems the shustoke gauntlet may be cancelled this weekend........due to a lack of water!!!!!

12/02/2014 09:27:44
wrong leaves on the line, wrong snow on the track, wrong water in the reservoir...I thought I'd heard most of them by now!

12/02/2014 11:53:07
Darren padro
Hi all, the gauntlet is still going ahead this Sunday !


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