Winder rudder dimensions

31/01/2014 08:29:50
Mike R
Hi folks. Just wondering if anyone knows the measurements from the top of the transom to the upper surfaces of the pintle & gudgeon on a Winder tales. I have a spare winder fixed rudder for a thin ice and wondered if it would fit a tales. Thanks in advance. Mike.

31/01/2014 11:16:58
The bottom surfaces on my Winder rudder pintle/gudgeon are 175mm apart. From recollection the transom is deeper on the thin ice by 30mm or so. Why not take off the top rudder pintle and fit it onto the boat to see where it needs to be refitted? Even on 'std' dimensions there may be some variance so fitting it to your boat would be the safest option imho.

07/02/2014 05:49:56
Mike R
Thanks for the reply K.M.  I am using a winder lifting rudder and had to move the transom fittings  to make that fit. I was thinking of selling the fixed rudder and wondered if it would fit a "standard" boat. As it happens a friend called to see if I was looking to sell as he broke his rudder last weekend. Measurement of the fittings on this rudder is 173mm so should fit his MK 1 winder ok.


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