Sub 5K Winder Mk1

06/11/2012 11:18:17
2nd Hand Dood
See the second hand list 3587 available at under £5000

17/06/2014 07:01:11
Richard (3606)
17/06/2014 22:28:17
"Shameless bump, I have to say I'm surprised nobody has even viewed this boat in 6 months.\r\nIt would be helpful to sell it as I'm moving house and unlikely to sail it again.\r\nAre there no newcomers to the class wanting a solid boat on a sensible budget?"

17/06/2014 23:28:08
Some photos will probably help sell her.

18/06/2014 09:08:57
"\r\nNo nice shots of her racing, unfortunately. These pics show the salient features, including the minor dings that need tidying up."


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