RSS feed address

24/06/2014 07:05:38
Ben Rayner
Hi there 

Does the new forum have a RSS feed address? The old one seems to have died.

New site is looking good BTW.

24/06/2014 13:31:52
There is not currently an rss feed but you can choose to receive notification of any posts as they are posted or you can choose to receive a daily digest once a day via email.
If the rss feed is something a lot of you use and would like, then I can add that to the development list.

26/06/2014 13:06:34
Andrew Marlow
I have always found the rss feed useful allowing me to see all the latest comments in all discussions / topics

26/06/2014 13:39:36
OK, i'll get a feed icon you can click in the "Latest Posts" area...

26/06/2014 21:18:40
There should now be an rss feed icon on the "Latest Posts" area.

30/06/2014 13:11:36
Andrew Marlow

In IE 11 this icon gives an error.

In feedemon the url gives an error about a missing semi-colon but feedemon seems able to get the data anyway.



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