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18/10/2013 14:49:10
Andy Hind
Having sailed a keelboat for the last hundred or so years it's back to dinghies before I'm far too old.......  So I've bought "Terabyte", anyone know her? having sailed Contenders and other assorted craft the Merlin was a natural - my dad sailed 728 "Spasmodic" with Bob Hoare.
"Terabyte" has had the stem dropped - did this involve a craftsman with a chain saw? Any info, useless or otherwise, gladly received.

18/10/2013 14:57:07
Andy Hind
PS - the whole thing is Nigel and Susie Brooke's (3748) fault...... and Mark and Lou Barwell.

18/10/2013 15:50:32
Chris Rathbone
The Terrabyte I know belonged to Shaun Frolich. It was a frp Canterbury Tales built by Jon Turner. A quick boat, it finished 5th in the 1992 Championships, sailed by Pete Impy and Julian Brady. sail number 3478

18/10/2013 15:55:53
Andy Hind
Thanks Chris - really looking forward to getting her going and meeting everyone at the Nats in Looe - we'll probably be the oldest CT there! She now has a hi-vis bright orange bottom which could be useful....

18/10/2013 16:22:39
Richard Battey
Hi Andy,

I used to own Terrabyte from 2003- 2005. Bought her off Richard Page who sailed her at at one of the Thames clubs. I sold her to a chap at Wembley where she did a stint before going down to Hayling Island where I understand she had her hull modified to replicate the more modern Canterbury Tales. I think off the mould she was T3 or T4 (have a look at the RHS inside of transom just below deck). Jon embossed all the FRP Tales at the time with this ref. The chap down at Hayling had her painted as she was all white. Not entirely sure abut bright orange!

When I owned her she was very fast holding her own in most conditions. She is a great boat built by an outstanding builder Jon Turner so enjoy!

18/10/2013 16:48:59
Andy Hind
Many thanks Richard, great to have some history. Will have a look for the hull no. when I get her next week! Only seen the photos! Thoroughly looking forward to it all.

18/10/2013 17:26:19
Race you at the nationals Andy. I'm 3477. Be good to get a bunch of 'more mature' merlins there.

18/10/2013 17:35:21
Andy Hind
Excellent. Maybe we could try and be immature......

18/10/2013 20:23:03
As the Nationals Co-ordinator for 2014 it's great to hear that you will both be joining us for the Looe Nationals. I am sure you will be able to put many newer boats to shame - me included. Please encourage as many mature boats as you can, preferably with disgracefully immature owners, to come and play in 2014. The next magazine will have an article on feedback from Tenby and some introductory details for Looe. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

18/10/2013 22:21:22
Mark B
......and its Louise Johnson not Barwell, Andy (don't get me further in the sh*t please)

Sunday sailing? We are taking another RLym YC member for a tester sail after the first race.....pretty sure he is also converted for a winter purchase.

May have some Looe accommodation options for you.

Immature Mark & lou.

19/10/2013 09:45:05
Andy Hind
Ooops sorry Ms Johnson.... maybe see you Sunday, it's going to be windy.  I think N & S will be doing Looe as well.  Colin Merret crewing me!  Blimey combined age of about 190... Is there an old git/newcomer prize?

21/10/2013 16:05:06
I remember it at Salcombe in 2011 with its new orange paint job (came 77th).
21/10/2013 16:45:40
Interested bystander
I think the bow drop and colour was done by Jamie Stewart at Synthesize Yachts.

21/10/2013 18:09:08
John Cooper
Shaun Frohlick lent me this boat for the 1999 nationals at Weymouth. It was a lovely boat to sail. I next saw it at Salcombe a couple of years ago -  the reason it came as low a 77th is that Mike and Claire had a bit of gear failure, I think lifting rudder problems.

22/10/2013 11:12:33
Andy Hind
Thanks all - so if I come 76th that's quite good.......  Coincidentally Mike Partridge borrowed my keelboat to do Cowes Week in '08 and won, without me!!! His bro Jay is my right hand man in the keelboat, small world!

22/10/2013 21:24:06
Hi Andy...another Contender sailor now in Merlins! I'll be in Lymington soon, it would be good to catch up (maybe with the Ferret). Speak soon, Dougal

23/10/2013 10:11:22
Andy Hind
Hi Dougall (Henshaw??)! Good to hear from you after all these years - so you will be sailing a Merlin out of Lymington? What have you got? Ferret will be doing some sailing with me (he lives in Lym) plus my latest (and last)wife who's dead keen to get out on Terabyte.

23/10/2013 13:22:29
No, I try to avoid Lymington, the Mafia there are not for messing with! So, I'm still up at the gentler stretches of Southampton Water as I now sail a 'classic' Smokers.
I'm in regular contact with the Ferret he not a tad 'generous' for the front of a Tales? Plus you'll need to give him 15 minutes warning before tacking so that he can 'loosen up' before moving!

But I will be in Lymington just as soon as I am allowed to leave the Island!



23/10/2013 15:19:16
Andy Hind
Less "generous" than he used to be - i've got him on a strict regime....  he's promised to get the 15 minutes down to 10, fast.....!

23/10/2013 20:08:12
Barry dunning
Ferret was voted Top crew a few years ago. I am sure he can get it down to five minutes

24/10/2013 12:57:42
Andy.....will be at the Royal Lym YC on Saturday afternoon doing an interview with Alan Warren and Barry - if you're around later will catch you in the bar! (I'll need the bar by then!)


25/10/2013 09:38:05
Andy Hind
Have to work Saturday **!^$""+***!! )-:

25/10/2013 09:46:01
Andy Hind
Back to one of my original questions - Merlins with bows that have been dropped - was this carelessness?

25/10/2013 15:33:46
Yes, mainly a fad

26/10/2013 14:00:12
Andy Hind
Dougall, will be in the club 1600ish

05/12/2013 16:22:13
Gareth Griffiths Notting Hill Rigging Co
Looks like "Terabyte" and "The Dream Machine" will be sitting alongside each other through the winter in Lymington... Looking forward to having another Merlin sailor to bounce ideas off.


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