Shoreham cooler series

23/09/2013 14:44:36
Once again Shoreham will be hosting its fantastic cooler series which will be run over five Sundays from 27 Oct - 24 Nov 2013 with the first start at 11 each Sunday, and the second race back-to-back. 

The local fleet will be out in force and all visitors are welcome. Its a bargain at £30 for visiting doublehanders (£20 singlehanders, youths and students). Free boat parking is available for the duration to actively encourage car-sharing for people doing the whole series.

Hopefully see lots of you there and if you want any further information get in touch by phone, email or reply here. We'll post the full NoR on our website shortly.
23/09/2013 15:39:49
Sophie, is there a daily charge? Only I know I can't do 2 or 3 of those Sundays but would enjoy coming for one or two if I can find a crew.

24/09/2013 08:40:55
I'm pretty sure its £10 a day. See you there


24/09/2013 08:59:38
Thanks, with any luck you will.


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