3571 - Make it So

07/09/2013 23:47:17
I am looking closely at this to get us going on a few Silver Tiller events and possibly Salcombe Week along with some regular training. Helm of 12 Stone, Crew of 10.5 stone; novices looking to progress to the bottom half of a fleet so we learn something.
What are your thoughts on suitability of a 'Make it So' as a good option (3571)?

08/09/2013 20:16:23
Chris M
Probably won't win you the champs, but a good competitive hull inland i'd suggest.

09/09/2013 09:46:10
Chris Rathbone
This is an extremely quick boat-I have sailed against it a few times! Well set up and good spars. Reasonable nick as well. If you put the hard yards in, you'll be up there with the best of them.


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