Calling all class reps - fixtures time!

03/09/2013 08:37:10
Chris M
It's time to start thinking about next years calendar.

Can all clubs ESPECIALLY those on tidal water please email me some dates asap and i'll start working on the calendar for next year. There are plans to swap a few two day events around to give other clubs a crack and a few dates may well have to swap to give clubs their best tides so I cannot guarantee a regular slot. Priority will be given to tidal clubs provided they get in quickly!



04/09/2013 22:20:13
Robin Charles
I tried to contact Ben Hollis. Anyway, assuming the information that Salcobe is 6th July, then we at Starcross can offer July 19th/20th. There is a good tide with plenty of water., with a lunchtime high.Fallback would be single dat Sat 24 May.
Robin Charles 3628

05/09/2013 18:31:56
Chris M
Hi Robin,


05/09/2013 18:52:53
Chris M
Currently sorted:

Salcombe - (Though i'm not sure when they are!!)

05/09/2013 18:58:05
Chris M
add Banbury to the list

05/09/2013 20:30:54
ben hollis
take it u don't want my list then?

05/09/2013 20:52:13
Paul dean
Hi Chris. I've emailed you re Wembleys date. All fingers toes and spinney poles are crossed for your reply. Thanks Paul

11/09/2013 15:00:59
Piers 3671
I have contacted the Club Sailing Sec at Brightlingsea and he is proposing the 17th/18th May Is that OK?


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