16/08/2013 12:47:19
I have recently acquired this NSM3 and am pleased to report that even after 30 years it is in pretty good shape. The bailers could do with resealing and there is signs of some damp creeping in to the side of the centre board case, which will need attention over the winter. But nothing we can't deal with  A step learning curve after 10 years out of boats, but we had a lot of fun at the De May event at Wroxham last weekend - thanks Mervyn for all your encouragement.We will be at the Alton Water open regatta (near Ipswich) on the 7/8 September,, where they are happy to embrace historic yardsticks. Excellent venue with open water and no trees. Perhaps there are other local, older? boats planning to attend.

16/08/2013 22:56:39
I had similar problems with 3443, took some photos to eradicate and fix, i will post them on my return home from cruising. email me if you wish.


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