Salcombe Reporting................

20/07/2013 09:14:22
Peter Scott
...............was brilliant!! Well done to Tim for dedication beyond the call of duty.  To have time to sail (and do very well)assist (along with many others) in keeping Brian the Steward busy and write the daily reports was a top effort.

20/07/2013 09:44:18
I agree it is very rare for the reporting to carry on through a regatta as enthusiastically as it begins. Next stop a twitter of positions at the marks and even "trac trac". Thank you Tim Fells.

20/07/2013 10:16:38
Andy d
Yes, agreed that was once again superb reporting. Well done Tim.

20/07/2013 13:04:09

20/07/2013 14:28:12
It was there but the Salcombe Y C web site seems to have another glitch. Shame.

21/07/2013 09:31:31
Looks like its still got a glitch any results elsewhere not just the top 3 !!

22/07/2013 09:49:11
Mr X
Completely agree with Mr Scott. Brilliant reports. Almost as good as being there and watching the racing from the Yacht Club terrace!

24/07/2013 16:58:37
RH .
Yes all very good.....will the Nationals be the same ?

24/07/2013 20:05:24
I totally agree - top job, Tim

25/07/2013 16:01:24
Tim Fells
Thanks all - such a great event needs to be advertised - who knows...150 boats next year!!

25/07/2013 16:07:21
Mr X
How about changing the constitution and making Salcombe Week our Championship Week?

25/07/2013 16:28:53
Mr xxx
Salcombe Week our Championship Week? lets not have Salcombe week just have the Championship week

25/07/2013 16:35:31
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
I'm anticipating that Carnac 2014 might give room to dispose of both Champs & Salcombe ....


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