Salcombe new starts

15/07/2013 11:46:19
Paul Hollis
Having been in the watch house for the first start yesterday I must thank the harbour master for the amout of work they did to make the closing of the harbour for our start a success. The race officer was firm and fair. And it was a clean start for the record. 
Thank you SYC and Salcombe hArbour for all your hard work.

More importantly there was plenty of room for 60 boats.

Paul Hollis Chairman

15/07/2013 12:57:20
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Was there progress for a youtube (or equivalent) feed so that we can all learn how to start from our desks?

17/07/2013 08:35:16
What has happened to the results page? Doubtless a glitch in the technology.

17/07/2013 08:45:35
Richard Battey
Tim Fells is doing a fantastic job (after a long day sailing) of posting daily reports and results on Yachts & Yachting website. See attached link.
17/07/2013 09:54:48
Yes but results page on SYC is missing in action !!

17/07/2013 12:21:20
Reports are excellent but the full results linked through to the Salcombe yc site sank without trace yesterday.  Perhaps their buoyancy needs checking?

17/07/2013 14:09:13
Mr X
Working on it as we write... Don't think Jayne is a very happy lady..

17/07/2013 18:21:39
Working now well done the techies!

17/07/2013 19:49:43
Andrew M
Another hot sunny day, but today 9 boats including at least 5 of the front runners fell to the black flag (Dan Alsop Olly Turner this morning, Will Warren, Tom Stewart, Jon Gorringe this afternoon)
Yesterday's general recall with at least 15 boats over but only 3 called must have given some people a bit of false security methinks...
I was right on the transit on the Portlemouth shore yesterday watching the bunch go over. Unbelievable weather but we could do with a bit more breeze, we are sailing on the sea breeze and it just isn't quite going up to the top of the harbour, hence the inflatable mark set above Saltstone this morning & the one set between 1 and 0 for us this afternoon. I did a set of turns after a very neat lee bow tack from Dave Philpott had ended up with me slowly slipping down to his gunwhales, I was somehow thinking this might set something of an example: perhaps people have just forgotten what you do when you accept an infringement? but no alas! I haven't seen any more being done all week.

18/07/2013 11:45:47
I have seen a few boats doing turns this week – notably Mick Fenwick who performed his gyrations very stylishly on a very light running leg against the tide, finishing just in time to re-hoist his kite right on our air.  Which was nice.

20/07/2013 13:03:42

20/07/2013 14:27:32
It was there; clearly the Salcombe Y C web site has yet another glitch seems a flakey bit of software. A pity.


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