Salcombe Week Social Programme

10/07/2013 10:08:39
Frances Gifford
Not long now and here's a summary of what will be happening....

Bar hours every day 12.00 - 00.00 hours
Lunch served every day 12.00 - 15.00 hours

Registration 17.30 - 18.30 hours
Briefing - 18.30 hours
AGM - Straight after briefing
Evening bar meals 18.30 - 20.45 hours

Free Evening

SYC Curry - £6 19.00 - 20.45 hours
Byngs Pig racing

Knockout Paddleboard Comeptition** - 18.00 hours
SYC BBQ - Its back and will be better 20.00 hours

Evening carvery (bookings essential) - 19.00 - 20.45 hours

Evening bar meals 19.00 - 20.45
The Legendary Nick the Fish

Evening bar meals 18.00 - 20.00
Prizegiving - 20.00 hours

*** Knockout Paddleboard Competition
No experience or kit needed just turn up at SYC Watch House suitably dressed to get wet and have fun. The number of rounds we have will depend on the number of entrants.

All sounds good to me!!

I also now have a copy of the sailing instructions which will hopefully be going up on this website very shortly.....


10/07/2013 10:34:56
Glad the pigs are on again this year, that was a good bit laugh last time!

All sounds pretty good.

10/07/2013 11:10:25
Hi Fran,
Thanks for the Social Prog.
Is there still complimentary Pimms/Beer o/c AGM?

10/07/2013 11:14:47
Andrew M
Fran, you haven't put the rounders match in!  Looking at the forecast & tides, looks good for Weds/Thurs?  Can't quite believe a forecast with nothing but sun in it...

10/07/2013 11:56:34
Frances Gifford
Ian - Yes and it was on the document sent to me, don't know how I forgot to put it on, maybe a case of "all the more for me....."

"Free Beer and Pimms (while it lasts!) in the Dining Room after the AGM"

Andrew.... I agree the weather and tides do look fantastic for rounders, I will have my bats with me, at this particular moment in time I'm just looking to get through the AGM and onto the free Pimms!!


10/07/2013 12:41:36
Thanks Fran. Thought it was probably just an oversight given your recent elevation into the hot seat. Sure you will handle the AGM with excellent aplomb and will have considerable sympathy from most of the attendees who will want to move on to the complimentary Pimms/beer asap. Surely it can't be worse than a down tide, Salcombe, Black flag start, no wind and 59 other Merlins? Best wishes


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