Pimms up stairs

09/07/2013 20:30:22
Still breathing in Essex
Hay ho it’s a warm sunny evening, a bit like we remember.   I’ve got Ben Howard in the ear hole and have just finished putting broken masts back together for the Salcombe week.  It is the way of things that one’s thoughts haunt back to Salcombe’s past at this time.  It was Basement  Jaxx Bingo Bango and the big bloke from Hampton putting us right; that’s Wiggy and I right, on the lyrics.  I think maybe our words might have been a  tad not right on the way to Gurston.  The Bowen-Perkins boys had not found funnel drinking at this point!  A hot evening’s manoeuvre around Debby T to get the last of the Pimms was always a good laugh.   If am really pushed, Edger Cove and knuckle removing brup brup boats being pulled off the mud before the days of dredged Shadycombe get flashed.  Mill beach before concrete blocks and time in the Shipwrights and the horrendous tale John Strudders told about eight hours of trailing behind caravans was told over many pints till we barely escaped out the loo door, just before the adjacent drinking caravaners got a tad offended.  Great time spent in the Shipwrights, when it closed it was a sign from above.  I found the knackered mallet the other day; we used to race not to get presented with this Alston Farm camp site trophy.  Half the fleet camped at that time. A bit sad to live on the memories, but they were the best of times and the fairway was adjacent to the Bar in those days.  I wish you the best of Salcombe’s, may the sun shine and you not get caught in the sea breeze hole adjacent to the start line and keep the little black bits above the sit on bits.   Regards Aj

09/07/2013 22:41:02
Hywel Jnr
My goodness that funnel brings back some very scary memories! I am unfortunately not going to make Salcombe this year, I hope the weather/beer gods shine on you all.

09/07/2013 22:41:12
Hywel Jnr
My goodness that funnel brings back some very scary memories! I am unfortunately not going to make Salcombe this year, I hope the weather/beer gods shine on you all.

10/07/2013 08:46:10
Robert Harris
I've been to Salcombe MR week about 50 times as sailor and more recently as spectator, photographer and chatterer up of pretty girls in Fore Street (you can get away with it when you're as old as me) so I probably have more memories of Salcombe than most.

In 1964 before motorways and babies (the oldest is 50 next year) my wife Helen and I plus our friend Ollie left Hampton before dawn to beat the expected massive hold-ups at the Countess Weir roundabout on the Exeter bypass. After a pleasant couple of hours speeding along empty roads I had a sudden horrific thought - Helen and had won Salcombe Week the year before and we'd left the trophy at home. The rest of that day was not so pleasant!

See you there next week.

14/07/2013 10:10:02
David Henshall
Ha Robert...can I have that one please? will be around tomorrow if you'd like a cooling glass of something..... Dougal

14/07/2013 15:57:19
Robert Harris
Hi Dougal, yes of course. I won't be arriving at Salcombe until Wednesday morning and will be staying until Saturday morning.  Robert

22/07/2013 14:14:21
Jules 3518
Dear 'Still Breathing in Essex', you and Mr Wigg are sorely missed although he would not have enjoyed this year one bit, having to cover up from head to toe in 25 degree plus heat.  Your name cropped up in many a conversation, so you were there in spirit(s) if not in body.


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