Move to Milbay for boat parking and get a Batson refund!

08/07/2013 12:10:48
Jayne Morris
We are counting down the days until you all arrive in Salcombe for Merlin Week.

The good news is that the Harbour Master has confirmed you will receive a refund on your Boat parking at Batson if you now go to Millbay. Please contact the Harbour Office if you would like to do this 01548 843791. Stickers for Millbay can be purchased from SYC at registration on Saturday afternoon and are £10 per week.

Yes, we really do recommend boat parking on Millbay this year more than ever due to the expected congestion at Batson.

A reliable trolley service will run this Friday 10.00- 8.00pm and Saturday morning 9.30 - 5.00pm for those needing help to Millbay.

08/07/2013 14:05:45
David G
By way of explanation, there is a new fish quay under construction, the project is running late through circumstances outside of Salcombe Harbour control.  Monday and Tuesday are the days that most of the fishing boats transfer fish to lorries on the slipway.  

Whilst SYC and the Harbour are working hard to ensure that things run smoothly, there is no guarantee that things won't be fraught.

If you don't try Millbay, seriously consider allowing plenty of time to get off the slipway.

Please also note that it is intended to apply a Black Flag throughout the week, and depending on wind direction you are advised to be behind the start with at least 1 minute to go!


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