Merlins at Bosham

08/07/2013 09:53:37
David Henshall
Big congratulations to the Classic Merlin Rocket Team that were such a part of the Bosham Classic Dinghy Revival Meeting this weekend just past. All of the boats there looked great out afloat but the most notable display had to be from Charlie Morgan and his 'crews' (one each day) of Hayley Manning and Fiona Bolwell. It would be easy to say that the conditions favoured them, or that the PY they were given was overly generous. Not a bit of it.....I was there 'reporting' on the event for various publications (Pat B...have got copy and pics for the next newletter) and each time I looked Charlie was sneaking out from the enormous windshadows cast by the big fleet of National 18s, with Ben Marshall and Sel Shah in hot pursuit. To all the Merlin Rockets that turned up and enjoyed a stunning, well organised event, I can only say that you make the job or reporting easy! I'm only sorry that I could send you back up the M3 with the Concours prize too - maybe next year!



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