Merlin Rocket rescue job up for offers

30/06/2013 22:58:58
Richard H

We've had a Merlin abandoned down our club for a few years slowly falling apart, and this weekend our bosun and co decided to strip it for parts, and consign it to the bonfire.

Fortunately I went down today and noticed - stopped them, and am putting it up here instead!

Boat number is 2923, built by Edward of Warsash. Boat is not in great condition - the hull is pretty solid still and not showing any signs of rot (most of the hull varnish is still intact), but it's going to need a full stripdown and redeck. The centreboard case is showing some damage, and the transom too. Many of the internal fittings are still available (to be rescued later this week), including the traveller hoop, and centreboard. Unfortunately, no sails - and I'm not sure about the mast, this may be available separately.

There is a trolley, but no road trailer, and it looks as though the cover's been chucked, as it had a huge hole in. I'll get some photos up later this week.

If anyone's interested in a rescue project (and it will be pretty major) , give me a call on 07891 695-861, or email [email protected] We're open to offers - donations in the region of £40 to our junior training section.

01/07/2013 10:37:22
Which club is this? I.E. What location is the boat?

On a related note I've been scouring ebay for a 'dead' boat that I can plonk in the garden for the kids to play in. A Mirror for 10 quid would be good, but the only nearby cheap boat I've spotted is a Merlin...surely it is sacrilege to let it be used in this way? I feel bad doing it!
(I could sell the trailer on.)
04/07/2013 10:21:16
Richard H
Oops, location would be useful wouldn't it!

Himley Hall Sailing Club in the West Midlands, near Dudley. I'll get some pictures up today.


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