Smokers' - Harken Track/Traveller Size?

30/06/2013 22:01:45
Hi All,

I am in the process of getting 2926 back into shape and the next stage is to replace the strop with a traveller which I believe was an original feature and am informed that they are key to pointing well in a Smokers.

I have been looking at Harken models but there is a big selection - can anyone say what width of track I need? Not sure if the 13mm micro track is chunky enough to do the job -

Or if I'd be better with the 22mm?

The one in this advert looks ideal - I've emailed the owner but had no response - can anyone identify it?

Any thoughts?

Many Thanks


30/06/2013 22:31:36
you could try phoning the owner; name and number in the advert.

30/06/2013 22:52:49
David Henshall
Chris... there was a big discussion in the bar at Blithfield (the Classic event) about reverting to a traveller  - the consensus  was that it was very much the way to go. I've re-installed a traveller system on my smokers (3025) and certainly the boat seems better for it BUT 'd add one caveat - I think you need a sail cut for that way of rigging the boat!



01/07/2013 10:13:36
If you reinstall the traveller, be prepared for the crew to have cuts in their backside!!!  But as David said, the boat felt absolutey different......

01/07/2013 12:36:00
Thanks for responses all - tried emailing the owner but no response and don't want to hassle him...

David - what type/size of traveller did you put into your smokers - was it new or the original? I have a couple of quite old but reasonable mainsails cut for (I believe) when the boat still had a traveller so hopefully be OK. Also looking at getting Batt to make me a nice new set but want to get everything else sorted first.

With no backstay or lowers a traveller just seems to make sense and if it was designed with one in mind why change I suppose?

Jon - unfortunately I will be the crew (my partner is a much better helm than I, and she's scared of spinnakers so it works out quite well) - so I'll have to beware of this!



01/07/2013 14:14:04
The boat was built with a flat, straight traveller but the original owner (John Harris) cut the car in two and bolted a brace between the two halves and put a strop on it. This meant there was only about 6-8 inches of movement on the traveler but the take off point for the main was a similat height to a modern hoop. This effectively did what the current square hoop and travler does now. Very clever back in the seventies. When the strop broke my father decided to take the traveler out, as we rarely used it on the river, and replace it with a static strop. 

The boat was never slow, even with this arrangement, and some people still swear by it. If I were you chris I would save the hundreds of pounds that will cost and stick with the strop system.

Oh and incidentally, it is the same main still on it that it had with the traveller!

Lovely boat.

01/07/2013 14:30:36
Ben 3634
Full width traveller quite heavy of course, as well as being expensive.
Lovely boat.

01/07/2013 14:38:29
David Henshall
Chris.... worry not about the state of supercrewjon's (jon 711) backside - as the say goes, I didn't feel a thing.He might have done but that's another issue and not one for me to worry about. I got a 2nd hand traveller from someone here on the forum - must be 2ft 6" or so long - maybe a tad more. As Jon so rightly said, it made the boat just feel right and certainly gave the performance a boost!

I would warn though that if there are any 2nd hand travellers out there you'll have to be quick - as I said, Saturday night at Blithfield was like an 'traveller revivalist meeting' - with a Ghost Rider owner ((under restoration... the boat that is, not the owner) also on the lookout for one.

Have pics if you're stuck



01/07/2013 15:40:25
Thanks for the info Jeremy.  Get what you are saying RE strop but where we are planning to sail her it's predominately offshore, a bit choppy and generally very gusty so think that being able to set twist and play it on a traveller may be a very useful thing - will find out in a couple of weeks how we get on with the strop.  I have taken your advice on the gunwale/side deck repair and she is currently being given some love by Tim Harper to get her back in shape - I will email you some photos once complete (hopefully in a couple of weeks).  

To be honest - without saying 'money no object' (it is!!)- I'm inclined to stick a nice traveller in to cover up the old holes in the thwart if nothing else! We have accepted that, although we could probably have chosen a cheaper way to enter MR ownership, 2926 is by all accounts quite a special boat, so we are going to take the wallet hit and carry out a fairly major refit (standing rigging, running rigging, sails as well as the woodwork) and then intend to enjoy her for many years to come :)

David - pics would be great to see how you have it set up - email link in name. Thanks

On another note, we are moving to the North West from Scotland so hopefully we'll be able to make it to a few of the vintage meets soon!

01/07/2013 17:57:17
Richard Bates
I have a full width harken traveller for sail if interested.

Best wishes


01/07/2013 18:53:29
how do you 'sail' a Harken traveller.............?

01/07/2013 19:59:40
With car??

01/07/2013 23:09:46
David Henshall
chris... picture sent direct to your email, D

03/07/2013 11:30:09
David Henshall
Chris.... are you anywhere near your boat? If so, can you do me a favour please and just take a measurement from the hog - where the mast heel rests - vertically to the sheerline point.

If not - are there any other Rowsell Smokers owners out there who could oblige - it will be next week before I'm re-united with 3025! (I'm only looking for a figure to work some calculations out - I know that I'll need to wait until I'm hope for the 'exact' measurement which is unique to the boat.



03/07/2013 12:33:32
Thanks all for photos - have emailed back.

Richard - Thanks but will hold off for now.

David - I'm afraid 2926 is in getting a new side deck and gunwale trim in Southport and I'm in Edinburgh so can't measure just now - will hopefully have her back by the middle of July - let me know then if you still need the measurement.




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