string tidies.

23/06/2013 12:08:05
Richard 1074 and 3443
I am putting it all back now and have come to the stage of what do I do with the extra lengths of control lines on both sides? I have hideaway holes in the side decks, and the previous owner had elastics that ran all the way up to the bow, round pulleys, and back to the other side to connect.   Most had lapsed and were degraded, so do I just replace or is there a better option?

23/06/2013 12:21:12
I've recently re-done take-away on 3463 and found that only the kicker, shrouds and jib were worth bothering with as movement on the others is limited and you don't end up with much spare line to worry about on lowers, cunningham or clew outhaul.  I ran the elastic from one tail-end of relevant string on one-side to a pulley in the bow and then around to the other tail-end on the other side.  This seems to work well but you need a lot of 4-5mm elastic and put it under lots of tension or it doesn't really work too well.

01/07/2013 17:48:05
Richard, was it your boat I saw at WPNSA Portland last week?  We had some fun in 3463 on Thursday but had to leave Friday.

01/07/2013 18:53:55
Richard 1074 and 3443
Yup, put in the water for the first time yesterday but too windy for swmbo after we had run the 29er meeting. sailed it this morning however and all went well, with centreboard able to be put down and rudder amended to stay down and vertical. Need some flaps for the transom holes however, as water ingress without, I wondered why the previous owners just taped them up!

01/07/2013 21:13:37
we may be down again 11, 12 and 13 July if you want to compare notes and sail together?

02/07/2013 16:04:02
Rod & Jo
Oh bugger, my sight is really going; I opened this thread thinking it was about Spring Tides.


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