Whitstable Silver Tiller this weekend

17/06/2013 15:58:37
[email protected]
We are looking forward to seeing lots of you at Whitstable this weekend.  Notice of Race is on this site and also at www.wyc.org.uk.  Usual format, two races back to back from 1400 Saturday afternoon, two on Sunday starting at 10.30. Bar open 'till midnight.  Weather forecast looks good, 13 - 15 knots from the SW.

18/06/2013 12:42:20
Mark (3442)
Looking forward to it, one question, does the club have sky sports and, if not, do any members know of a nearby pub that will be open for 11:00 and showing the first Lions test? Glad that the start on Saturday makes watching this possible as it was a key demand of my crew for the weekend.

20/06/2013 08:43:47
Wind from Windguru looks interesting this weekend! Gusting to 28 knots on Saturday and 25 on Sunday: at least it is from the SW, so the launching shouldn't be too much of a hassle

20/06/2013 13:15:01
[email protected]
No Sky TV in the club, but the pub over the road has it.

20/06/2013 21:02:28
Ben 3634
John please could you e-mail me, the address I have for you has just bounced.

21/06/2013 21:44:14
John Cooper

24/06/2013 08:33:00
May one ask if anyone knows what happened at Whitstable please?

24/06/2013 09:12:21
[email protected]
28 boats turned up but with a solid Force 6 both days sadly there was no sailing.  Thank you to everyone who made the journey despite the forecast.

24/06/2013 12:43:00
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Thanks also to the WYC team for a definitive and early call, it would have been very easy to play the waiting game under some vocal pressure from a minority in the fleet. As it was and thanks to this call, I got home by 6pm and actually had dinner at home with the wife & kids which was an unexpected surprise.

A good weekend of catching up with friends and a novel experience of boat bimbling on someone else's boat!


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