Rope Cutting through mast

12/06/2013 07:48:08
I am using a launching pole system and the rope for launching the pole is burning through the mast on its way to the spyro fitting. I am about to out some gelcoat on (it is a white Superspar mast so at the moment is only taking off the coating) and can make some kind of protector plate to go over it. However I wondered if anyone had experienced similar trouble and how they have solved the problem?


12/06/2013 08:20:02
Chris M
Cyclists call it helicopter tape, you can get it off ebay under that name.

it's a clear ptfe tape and is pretty bombproof

12/06/2013 09:23:14
Just looking at this as it happens and have found different sources and thicknesses, some on ebay in smaller sizes /quantities. Handy if your helicopter blades need protection as well. Cars seem to use similar stuff on high wear areas around doors/tread plates etc.$ja=kw:helicopter+tape|cgn:helicopter+tape|cgid:6325748256|tsid:38940|cn:3M-UK-G-Exa-Eng-DT-SE-ProductGenerics|cid:132478536|lid:329066481|mt:Exac
12/06/2013 12:27:38
Cheers for the advice. Come to think of it I did have some of this on my bike. Since I sold it all inspiration to that end has gone!

12/06/2013 12:52:21
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
I use a bit of chafe tape from Allspars around the mast under the pole eye.;jsessionid=5B017FF5EE0BAA2B6753DDA84A75CBAA?catId=4712&prodsFound=-1&category=PROtect%20tapes
12/06/2013 22:42:09
Chris I
I use a piece of 50mm drainpipe from b&q.
The enlarged section where the next bit of down pipe is supposed to plug in has a slot cut in it to go over the pole eye.
It's slit up the back to go around the sail track.

I actually bought the bit of pipe to use as a mould when I was planning to make a proper launcher fitting, that is on the back burner due to work and other things right now.

14/06/2013 17:32:36
I use a small piece of mylar - the same stuff that the slot gaskets are made of. Black mast, white-ish mylar, held in place with black tape. When the tape wears through and I can see the white - replace the tape! The mast never gets eaten at all.

14/06/2013 19:57:12
I use a sliced 2" drain pipe with a beer tin wrapped round it.


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