Thames SC de May and Thames series Open Events

07/06/2013 11:38:10
Ben MR 1477
Hi to All
Just a reminder that Thames SC will be hosting a Vintage de May on Saturday 15th June and a Thames Series Open on 16th June. 11.00am start, 3 races, food and bar available. £12 per entry (£20 for both days).
Valuable Series points avaliable - please come along !


11/06/2013 08:54:24
Ben MR 1477
A south west wind would be very good !

11/06/2013 10:25:28
As would some sunshine!

12/06/2013 23:17:16
Ben MR 1477
Thats okay Richard, just bring some along with you !

17/06/2013 13:58:58
A very big thank you to Ben and all the team/volunteers for running such a great event e.g. getting all three races in on a the Saturday. 

Again, many thanks.


17/06/2013 14:51:02
RH .
Results ?

19/06/2013 10:10:54
Mel Hardman (1920)
Results are: 

Vintage Merlin:
1st Chris Martin and Emma Smyth
2nd Ben Marshall and Sel Shah
3rd Ian Pratt and Susie Scotcher
All from Thames

Sunday Merlin Open
1st Alex and Jack of Cookham S.C.
2nd Alan and Russell of Wembley S.C.
3rd TSC's Miles and Chris.

Lots of photos on the TSC facebook page


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