Salcombe Flat for Merlin Week

06/06/2013 16:27:18
Our flat is currently available for the week beginning Friday 12 July. It is situated on the corner of Acland Road and Allenhayes Road, has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and off road parking and is within 10 mins walk of SYC. If interested please ring 01789 740824 or email eafillmore72AT gmail(dot)com for more details

06/06/2013 23:01:07
David Wilkins
We can recommend this flat - we've stayed there several times with our girls over the years.

26/06/2013 11:09:24
The flat is still available for Merlin Week - if anyone needs last minute accommodation, please contact me

26/06/2013 17:29:39
Flat now let


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