Skinny masts

30/05/2013 07:02:03
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
OK, guidance / pointers please ....

Stu won the Champs last year with an Allen (?) mast.

JT still working on a high modulus Superspars mast.

New skinny mast seen strapped to Nick Craig's boat at Starcross.

So, what's the gossip, where do I get one?

30/05/2013 08:44:22
Super Spars and Allen do them at the moment. Have a chap with Simon Potts when you next see him. He will tell you what the Allen is all about.

Andy, by the time you have finished spending on BAU you could have paid the tooling on a mould for a Deadline and had Kevin build you one!

30/05/2013 11:41:07
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
That's if I want to buy a Deadline or have another Driver hull ..... (nothing wrong with either option, just not where I am at the moment)

Jez, its not a case of wanting to spend the money, I snapped our Chippie twig and at the very least need a replacement or spare. So might as well explore the next "development".

Besides, I want to finish my Project A-35 and cnc the hull tooling, but that's another story and one for another AGM.

30/05/2013 11:54:12
Ah, yes I forgot you snapped your current mast. Makes more sense now. 

What is happening about this CNC tooling then? You brought your model to the AGM 2 years ago and we have not heard anything since?

30/05/2013 14:13:07
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
I was planning to have a strop at the AGM about that as I too have had no contact from the MROA. So my thoughts were to start drafting some new rules for 2014 on my own, but it would have been preferred to have this led by the MROA. I have also been told that there has been some progress on this at committee level but you should know more than me (and I know absolutely nothing).

30/05/2013 15:19:22
There have been various discussions about the direction things should take. I will ask the question at the next meeting and see what comes up!

30/05/2013 22:21:18
Andy have you seen the mast Chris Lewns was devising -a perfect spare

30/05/2013 22:58:13
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Didn't get me derrière in action, so I believe it has now gone. Still, the point of the topic was to see what the gossip was about skinny (high modulus) masts.

30/05/2013 23:41:05
Dave Charlton
Andy, I may be able to arrange one for you? Give me a ring/message

07710 046865

31/05/2013 08:42:04
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Message sent, Dave.

31/05/2013 11:55:30
I presume that this will be one of the Whites mast as per Nick Craig?

01/06/2013 12:42:38
Dave Charlton
It would.

04/06/2013 11:21:39
Jon and I are working with SuperSpars and tested a progression of prototypes over the winter. We have arrived at the 'commercial release ver 1' that we are using now.  

This is nice and skinny (44mm ID) and weighs only 5kg fully rigged. It has the correct bend characteristics and dynamic gust response that we are looking for. Also plenty robust: has stood up to sailing in 30+ kt on all points of sailing and during our adventures at Brightlingsea it survived a brush with the mud.

Call Jon on 07712 436745 for more details.


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