25/04/2013 08:10:28
Paul Hollis
The Following has been agreed between the harbour master and Salcombe YC and the association

• Maximum entry 120 boats. 4 boats on the waiting list,Julian Harms, Rob Henderson, Mike Coles, Charles Anderson are now confirmed entries.
• Fairway to be in operation for 15 minutes before the 5 minuet signal. FROM THE 5 MINUET TO THE START THE FAIRWAY WILL NOT BE IN FORCE SO WE HAVE THE FULL WIDTH OF THE ESTUARY AT THE START.
• Harbour master will control traffic south of the White house and north of the ferry steps all craft will be regarded as obstructions so water can be asked for to avoid.
• A new mark of the course will be laid near the Normandy pontoons (by the rubbish bins) to stop boats going in that area during racing.
• All starts will be timed to avoid the south sands ferry time table as he cannot be held in the holding area.
• No spectator boats will be allowed around the start line and will be kept in the holding area.

On a lighter note the club will extend the food ordering to 3pm instead of 2pm to allow time for morning flights to get up to the club and eat while watching the start.

There will be live coverage of the first mark rounding on a large screen in the club house.

TBC possible a daily prize giving.

TBC team racing against Salcombe YC members.

The yacht club has put a lot of time into getting the harbour master to agree this format and it is the first time that they have closed the harbour for dingy racing starts please help us to make this a success for everyone involved.

Full details will be in the next magazine but attending the briefing is a must this year.

Paul Hollis

25/04/2013 08:58:49
That's allot of extra work for the Harbour Master and Race Team but gives us full width at the start which is excellent news.

When you say that boats are not allowed in the area near the Normandy pontoon during racing, do you mean spectator boats or us?

25/04/2013 09:00:12
Oh, and I like the screen at the club!! Could they display the course too please.

25/04/2013 09:16:09
Paul Hollis
the extra mark is for the racing boats we are not sure at the moment if it is for start only or will be in force all race.

25/04/2013 09:26:45
Alex 3627
These sound like great changes, though is this the end of ridiculous starts when the tide is going out where the entire fleet is over the line? :-P

25/04/2013 17:55:30
[email protected]
Well done Paul.  We discussed this at the Dinghy Show and you told me of the difficulties so this is an excellent result.  Thank you for your efforts

25/04/2013 18:01:35
Tim Fells
and rumour has it they are trialling video of the startline!

25/04/2013 21:47:42
David Gates
Will the videos be avaliable live on the internet those of us who will not be there.

26/04/2013 07:37:23
Paul Hollis
Good point David not being an IT boffin so will ask the question if this is possible.

28/04/2013 19:38:09
Julian Parry
Will the starts be filmed from both ends of the line?

29/04/2013 09:09:39
That is the plan

29/04/2013 12:44:49
Jules 3518
Good to have a confirmed entry.  I echo the above comments, Paul - thanks for all your hard work in resolving this: 120 boats is considerably better than 250...

29/04/2013 12:53:26
Andrew M
Just to add my thanks for this, a lot of work to get to this point and get the co-operation of all to allow it.  Still considering putting pipe lagging on my gunwales though ;-)

Andrew 3511

30/04/2013 14:11:53
Geoff Wright
Excellent Paul just one clarification I assume that we have the full width for the first leg/ whole race ie no post-start fairway?

30/04/2013 14:11:53
Geoff Wright
Excellent Paul just one clarification I assume that we have the full width for the first leg/ whole race ie no post-start fairway?

30/04/2013 14:29:09
It is not the intention to operate the fairway after the start.  There will be a buoy off the refuse pontoon that will probably be a mark of the course throughout the racing, the final position and type of mark has yet to be agreed with the harbour.  All of this discussion is subject to the final Harbour Notice and the SYC SI's.  So please don't consider any postings as verbatim.

01/05/2013 16:28:31
It a sunny day with a moderate breeze, and this is making me miss sailing Merlins at Salcombe :(

02/07/2013 10:25:12
Have a read of this if you are sailing at salcombe. Might help you avoid a DSQ.
02/07/2013 12:01:18
David G
Still some detail to be included in the SI's.  However it is thoroughly recommended that everyone attends the competitor briefing when the starting process will be explained.

03/07/2013 14:45:18
Peter Scott
Just wonder how many spectator boats, in the pre start minutes, will fit into the old Marine Hotel harbourette? Or will there be clamping?

03/07/2013 15:43:35
David G
There will be clamping ... it is also a building site!   Seriously for this to work it requires all of the Merlin possy to be on side.  Also please have a look at this , it might be better to sail from the beach.

03/07/2013 18:31:30
It is ALWAYS better to sail from the beach.

03/07/2013 19:35:50
Alex 3627
I agree with Alex! Get your bucket and spades out and come to the beach!! :-D

03/07/2013 19:40:38
Alex 3627
Also, does anyone know if the trolley ferrying service is on this year?? I was pretty peeved last year after hanging around for ages (and calling the club to confirm it was happening) to find that they had at the last minute decided not to bother!!! Got there nice and early and ended up hanging around for several hours waiting until the lovely Blakes/Taylors (well Andy was driving of course) kindly bought my trolley over to the beach...

In fact I am going to email the club now to check as well....

04/07/2013 08:45:30
Last year Alex they told us they were sending someone in the next half an hour if you remember. It was only when we had waited an hour and then phoned back to find out where they were they told us they were not doing it. Would have been fine if they had told us the first time but make us hang about for an hour then change their mind was very frustrating.

that is why we are staying in Batsons this year which is a shame really.

04/07/2013 09:02:11
This means on an incoming tide. Coming  back from the bag we can't sneak up the moorings in batsons

Woof woof

04/07/2013 12:39:16
David G
More will be revealed at the briefing ...

It is intended that the Northern Fairway Buoy with the X will be the "Normandy Channel" buoy and boats will need to pass this on the Portlemouth side. I expect this to be off the refuse pontoon. The intention for the harbour is to stop 60 Merlin's clogging up the channel into the pontoons.

Due to the works on the Fish Quay slipway running late, the Batson Slipway will be shared with the fishermen. They will be using the slipway to load up lorries with shellfish and there is a fair chance that access to the water, particularly on Monday morning will be awkward, if not chaotic. The Harbour Office will be throwing additional resources at this, but Merlin sailors might enjoy a better holiday experience by taking to the beach imo.

04/07/2013 13:43:52
william warren
David please stop trying to get everyone over to Mill Bay, we won't have room for our volleyball court!

04/07/2013 14:17:42
David G
Sorry William, I was trying to keep the dogs off the grass in Batson

04/07/2013 14:53:36
Runners and riders...
04/07/2013 15:00:50
This means on an incoming tide. Coming  back from the bag we can't sneak up the moorings in batsons

Woof woof

04/07/2013 18:03:57
The man in the ***

05/07/2013 15:51:13
Alex 3627
So for anyone that is interested.  I had a reply from Jayne and she says that the trolley ferrying service will be back on this year for those who need it :-)

08/07/2013 16:26:21
Pat Blake Magazine Editor
It sounds as if the briefing will be IMPORTANT this year.
Can someone tell us what time it is please?

08/07/2013 20:34:02
Hi Pat. According to NOR - Sat; 17.30 - 18.30 - Registration, 18.25 - Briefing, 18.30 AGM, Complimentary Beer and Pimms on completion. Hope that means we can start on the Pimms about 18.45. Guess the Registration Pack might have some fairly useful bumph it it too.

09/07/2013 11:06:15
Pat Blake Magazine Editor
Thank you Ian. I couldn't find the NOR so well done!

09/07/2013 12:31:17
I think the NOR/Entry Form was taken off the Salcombe website when their site was re-designed and it is no longer accessable. Fortunately I had downloaded a copy.

10/07/2013 10:10:52
Jayne Morris
Yes indeed, we shall be running a trolley service between Batson and Millbay on Friday 10.00am-8.00pm and again on Saturday 9.30-5.00pm. 

Many of you have already paid for your boat trailer parking and will be issued with a tag at registration. If you haven't paid please purchase your tag from SYC £5. The trailer parking will be signposted in a field on the left by the layby on the main road as you approach Salcombe. Unfortunately this year the Council have asked that no trailers are to be left in the Park and Ride as there simply is not room. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


10/07/2013 10:21:28
Jayne Morris
The Trailer parking will be available from Friday morning. Drive in through the gate by the layby and park infront of the hedge on the left hand side. The trolleys are to be left at your own risk, however the gate will be locked at night.


10/07/2013 10:54:54
Jayne Morris
Late Entry?
A space has become avaialble to sail at Merlin Week. So if you know of anyone who would like to join us ask them to contact me today
Jayne 01548 842593

10/07/2013 11:17:59
SIs now published in Word DOC format
10/07/2013 11:46:50
Frances Gifford
For info - these SIs currently on the website are NOT FINAL.

This is my fault - I take reponsibility.


(Mags if you read this could you possibly take them down - thanks, Fran)

10/07/2013 18:56:47
Sorry everyone - ignore the link above for a while...

10/07/2013 21:58:00
only 3 sleeps to go !!!!

10/07/2013 23:24:06
The link to the .doc here still works.

10/07/2013 23:24:39
11/07/2013 08:40:02
RH .
Are these final ?
11/07/2013 08:48:18
Suspect these SI's will be subject to significant amendment that will be covered in the Competitor's Briefing; to include new fairway rules, Black Flag start, General Recall (under the new rules), vessel's restricted in their ability to manoeuvre(held by Harbour Master) and limit buoy off Batson Creek. I am hoping that the Briefing Pack will contain full details. Should be great fun for the first flight on Sunday.

11/07/2013 10:53:34
Andrew M
Yes indeed.  I am in that 1st flight.  At least the tide is right up.  The SI's on the link are the ones Mags linked to, certainly sounds as though this briefing is pretty essential and not just a way to make sure the AGM is well attended!!

11/07/2013 13:12:39
David G
For your assistance the most significant changes from previous years SI's are underlined.

Planning to go through the most significant points at the briefing, but please come with any questions.

Because of the changes we would encourage all competitors to turn up to the briefing, however for those who don't attend ...

Not in the Sailing Instructions, because it is not required, is that it is our intention to run a Black Flag for all starts, this is part of the deal with the harbour to allow us to disestablish the fairway. Bear this in mind if you turn up late for a start. This is particularly significant for boats launching from Batson, where there is expected to be congestion which may lead to delays. Starts will be on time.

Also, for the Spectator Fleet, who may not attend the briefing, you will need to observe the requirements of Notice to Mariners 15, which will require you to be in the marshalled areas outside of the start-line area or be on the beaches.

Finally, this RO will record any boat with incorrect or missing or duplicate sail numbers as DNS, which could be bad news for the donor! Please get your friendly sail-maker to bring some numbers down with you if you are swapping sails around.

We wan't you all to have a great week, bring the suncream, although there is not a lot of wind forecast we have had great sea breezes every day of this week.


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