Help to repair my Merlin

17/03/2013 19:45:19
Guillaume de Riberolles
During last Merlin Open at the Ranelagh I have seriously damaged my boat. I have now a hole in the hull (where the rake of the mast are fixed). the hole is approximatively 10x30cm large. 
I'm looking for a boat builder who can repair it. Ideally if it can be done at the Ranelagh sailing club it would be perfect.
If anyone can help, please email me [email protected]

18/03/2013 11:17:29
Andrew M
That doesn't sound very pretty, Guillaume, and will need a good boatbuilder to fix as you need new pieces of plank scarfed in.  Laurie Smart is based in Hayward's Heath so is not really very local, but I don't think you will find anyone who will come to you.  My boat is in his shed having some work done at the minute, he even has a mobile now that he answers.  I hope it is an insurance job.


18/03/2013 14:06:06
Richard Battey
Guillaume, as Andrew sais Luarie Smart will be your best bet. Quite an easy route from Putney. A3, M25, M23 J10a Hayward's Heath about a 50min drive. Give him a call. When he has finished with your boat you won't even know where the the damage was!

18/03/2013 14:52:46
Nick Clibborn
Can heartily recommend Stanley and Thomas at Windsor. They have done several jobs on wooden boats for me and I have found them excellent craftsmen. I have no connection with them. Have a look at

Nick C

18/03/2013 23:17:33
Guillaume de Riberolles
many thanks for your help


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