Salcombe Silver Tiller : Accomodation Tip

08/03/2013 15:09:46
Hi all,  having got 3463 in a state where she might manage to sail for a few days without breaking, I have decided to follow the fleet around at Salcombe to see how it's done. We are complete novices so will endeavour to keep out your way and apologise in advance if we crash in to anyone on the start line!!

I thought I would also alert you all to a great B&B deal being offered by the Island Cruising Club that weekend; they are doing B&B onboard Egremont for £25.00pppn..... great spot and apparently there are very few people booked so we may not have to share the showers with anyone else!

See you all at Batson for rigging advice next month?

08/03/2013 18:26:51
Alan, don't just follow us around. Get your entry in. I'm sure there will be cancellations that create a space for you. We did our first Salcombe in 2011 in 3346 - fantastic and came 91st! It's worth it just for the craich. If you want to know the wrinkles just drop me an email and don't worry about getting in anyone's way - it's par for the course at Salcombe.

08/03/2013 18:33:00
Ian, we are entering (its not Salcombe Week we are doing... it's the April silver tiller)and we will be racing; but given our experience and knowledge of the rules we aren't planning on pushing to the point of 'giving no quarter'and risk upsetting any 'Merlin Royalty' by putting a dent in their bright new toys!!

08/03/2013 19:41:26
Chris I
Are you planning to sail the Merlin back to the Egremont at slinging-out time?

08/03/2013 19:45:38
I think we'll be keeping the Merlin at Batson or Millbay depending on what others are doing; I believe the Egremont's launch will get us back from the pub a bit more safely (failing that there is the water taxi).

11/03/2013 20:03:46
Still lots of beds available on Egremont for anyone looking: £25.00pppn B&B.


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