Dry Suite for Sale

05/03/2013 19:48:51
Jo Harvey
Dont' know if anyone is interested, but i have a Crew Saver Hyperdry Pro Breatheable Technology dry suite for sale - Male size small.  Had to buy a women's one to cover my curves!!!!  Suite only worn intermittenly over the last 3 years.  Any offers???? looking for around £100.

05/03/2013 23:49:51
Extra E
3 Piece?

06/03/2013 14:27:19
Jo Harvey
No one piece

06/03/2013 15:04:13
No loose covers either?

06/03/2013 15:14:15
sofa so good...

06/03/2013 19:25:46
Jo Harvey
Okay smarty pants the lot of you.  Just noticed the spelling.  Its amazing how a glass of wine can distort one's spelling.

06/03/2013 21:06:29
Would have thought it would sell tout suite

06/03/2013 21:38:39
Kathryn Ayres
Poor Jo, you don't need all these comments from couch potatoes do you?

07/03/2013 07:44:23
Surely we are sweet potatoes?
Good luck with the sale Jo


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