Dinghy Show

03/03/2013 14:19:14
Richard Stevens
What a good stand, two modern boats showing the differences in thought and what is more an excellent handout to folk which included not only the programme of events for 2013 but also a list of boats for sale, showing how little or much one can cough up to get racing.
Well done all concerned.

03/03/2013 23:40:06
Keith Callaghan
everyone in the MROA should offer a special thanks to Paul Hollis, who almost singlehandedly organised the stand and manned it on behalf of the MROA. What would we have done without you Paul? 
A Merlin Rocket winning the Dinghy Show's Concours d'Elegance prize for the second year running was too much to hope for, but Simon Cory's 'Mini Cool Blue' so very nearly pulled it off. See Y&Y article below.

05/03/2013 13:38:22
And congratulations to you Keith for having TWO designs in the finalists of the Concourse.

05/03/2013 15:58:44
Paul Hollis
I would like thank Matt Biggs And Simon Cory for loaning us there boats Simon also manned the stand all weekend as well.Also thansk To Patt Blake for producing the flyer that we gave away ( there are a few left so if anyone needs any for a club event let me know) It would of been fantastic to win best in show again this year but the word on the ground we came second to the hornet because we won last year.
and finally thank you to all the people that did help on the stand Colin Brockbank,Andy Taxi Davis, Dave Winder, Keith Callagham, Fran Gifford name a few.


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