Hamble Warming Pan - Sunday 17 March

28/02/2013 18:04:11
The 2013 Hamble Warming Pan, hosted by Hamble River Sailing Club, will take place on 16/17 March. 

This year the Merlin fleet will sail on Sunday only at Hamble due to the Chichester open taking place on Saturday 16. Hopefully many of you will come to the South Coast and do both events given they are only a short distance apart.

The annual Warming Pan regatta is one of the few occasions each year that dinghy racing takes place in the main channel of the River Hamble providing a very special experience for both sailors and spectators.

Racing will start and finish on the HRSC club line, just five minutes sail from the launching area. First start on Sunday is scheduled for 1100.

The event Notice of Race is now available on the HRSC website, together with useful information about arrival, parking and accommodation. Visit www.hambleriversc.org.uk/sailing/2013-warming-pan

The clubhouse will be open all weekend for hot drinks and food with the bar opening each lunchtime.

If you come over from Chichester on Saturday evening the HRSC clubhouse will be open for food and entetainment (Irish themed in honour of St Patricks Day). If you are planning to eat please try and let the club know in advance.

Thanks - hope to see many of you on the water on the 17th


PS The 2014 Warming Pan will be a 2 day event for all fleets, including the Merlins!

02/03/2013 14:05:59
thats a shame had planned to sail both days at hamble as didnt want to to pack up boat twice

02/03/2013 20:13:13
Chris M - 3744
It's not out of choice!

There was a tidal mix up that made the date origionally set a seriously bad idea. The date that best suited HRSC had already been bagged by CYC so the best compromise was to combine the two events.

It's a format unlikely to be repeated.

04/03/2013 20:00:39
Just to add to the explanation, occasionally the Warming Pan has to be on the 3rd weekend of March (rather than the usual 2nd weekend) to suit the rather unusual tidal curves at Hamble. Choice of correct tides has become increasingly important in recent year given understandable safety concerns from the Harbour Master (as traffic levels in the river increase). More water = a wider river = more spread out dinghies = less chance to hit Sunseekers and motoring yachts!

It would have been impossible to run the Warming Pan on the 2nd weekend of March this year. Rather than have a clash with Chichester on the Saturday of the third weekend HRSC therefore agreed with the Merlin class to hold a one day (Sunday only) event.

Next year we will be returning to a 2 day event for all classes. Date tba but almost certain to be the 2nd or 3rd weekend of March in line with normal practice!

13/03/2013 11:13:24
Ben 3634
So how many races will there be on the Sunday ?

15/03/2013 14:36:46
Ben wrote
>So how many races will there be on the Sunday ?

Good question! Event listing http://merlinrocket.co.uk/clubs_events/view_event.asp?id=619 shows '4 races' (possible hangover from previous years). The NOR (http://www.hambleriversc.org.uk/upload/43569.pdf) prevails though: **2 races on Sunday**.

15/03/2013 16:37:08
Hi Merlin fleet

Looking forward to seeing you a good number of you on Sunday. First race is planned for 1100 (there are two scheduled) and a competitors briefing will take place at 1015.

A revised Notice of Race along with Sailing Instructions (in line with the latest RYA Guidance issued this week) has just been posted on the Hamble River SC website. Follow the link to the Warming Pan page.

On arrival PLEASE unhitch your boat on the road and then move it by hand to the grass area by the water. DO NOT leave it in the dinghy park (we get in trouble with the Council who own it!), and DO NOT drive your car into the dinghy park UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

If you arrive Saturday night, please come to the club and we will arrange for someone to unlock the barrier.

See you all on Sunday!


PS For all you doubters out there the forecast now looks lovely for Sunday - sun and a decent breeze!


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