Cost of shipping to Australia

17/02/2013 10:41:27
Jon E
Given the number of people on here who have sailed internationally I thought it might be the place to ask....

Does anyone know what it would cost to put a 14 foot boat in a container and ship it to Australia? If you were wondering, I think I am considering one of the 1000ish quid boats on the for sale list that will never be competitive at home but will be far nicer than any of the outdated crap that gets sailed here.... Thoughts please?

18/02/2013 16:43:42
Rod & Jo
You need a class active in both places. Try asking on an OK Dinghy Forum; Aus/NZ contingents are strong and containers of OK's get shipped whenever the Worlds are in S hemisphere.

18/02/2013 19:52:42
Nick Craig
Hi Jon

I think it cost a bit under about £1K/boat to ship I think 10 OKs to Australia & back.
We did our unloading and loading so the rate may be a bit more including that and for a bespoke delivery

Hope that helps

19/02/2013 09:53:19
Jon E
Thanks both,

Believe it or not, Nick's suggestion has led me to discover that RS200s are now being raced over here which is a great result because there are no decent double handed non-trapeze boats over here. I may pop down to Black Rock on the weekend and see how many are there and maybe start the campaign to get my other half over the line. Hurrah, sailing :)

19/02/2013 17:25:33
Dave Charlton
Not that I know anything about them other than that they don't have a spinnaker but what's wrong with the NS14?  Looks like it has developed like a 14 foot National 12???

19/02/2013 18:19:50
Dave C
Hi Jon,

If you are going down to Blackrock see if you can find Graham (TOM) Pearce. He emigrated a few years back and shipped his boats and car out. I think he also has connections with RS and does some stuff for them. Tom is an X- N12 and Merlin man and is bound to have some good information and advice. Say hi from me if you see him.
Dave C

25/04/2016 21:02:15
It depends on how you ship it & who you work with. You might check, if only to get an idea of what they charge. They tell you the price up front and, at the very least, you can use that to get an idea of the range and compare it to others. (They're based out of the U.S., but I've used them before with not complaints locally). 

27/04/2016 10:48:25

The B14s are at Garda in June may have room in Aus container to ship a boat back at a good price if you can get it to Italy?

Try their forum at

27/04/2016 11:29:02
Jon, further to Piers post, the Aussie contingent are bringing 1 x 40 ft and 1 x 20 ft containers from Australia. Loading etc was carried out in Tasmania. However, as bringing out 15 boats to Garda, believe the 2 are full. We have a Skype conference tonight and can ask, but believe I already know the answer
Probably the best option would be the 505s as they have their Worlds in Weymouth in July and boats are of a similar size and believe they would only get 6 per 40 ft. container. That would be my first choice and they probably will be loading not far from Black Rock
The Carnet (Customs duty document) may be an issue, but you can sort that with time prior to shipping 

28/04/2016 13:03:27
Stuart Bates MR3615
 Adding to Barnsie's point about the Carnet, I recall (from the wife watching the program on Aussie Customs too many times) that there could be an issue for you with a wooden boat and the import regulations on them, due to disease control, so I would check that out as well beforehand.


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