28/01/2013 10:06:52
Richard Stevens
Is there a chance that the fixtures page could be updated to include the vintage events for 2013, as newcomers may want to plan a season of sailing? We don't necessarily know where and when these are traditionally run and surely the clubs have published their programmes by now.

Or has the handicap discussion killed that idea off?

28/01/2013 22:27:24
Ben Marshall
Hi Richard
Sorry for this not being on the fixtures list however, the draft calendar will be featured in the spring magazine and pu8blished on this site straight after that. Persnonally, I thought that the recent vintage / handicap meeting reached a very successful conclusion to a somewhat difficult and perhaps inflated situation. The meeting was very well chaired by Fran Gifford and full information will be published after the minutes are made available.


28/01/2013 22:36:44
Ben Marshall
If you just cannot wait email me for dates. Calendar is looking good with 2 events still to be finalised.

29/01/2013 13:09:50
Ben 3634
Ben, has the date of the Eric Archer memorial trophy been set yet ?

29/01/2013 15:32:55
I hope so as it is going to be published in the magazine and yearbook which have both already gone to the printers!

29/01/2013 18:15:39
Ben Marshall
Hi Ben
Yes, EAM tr will be Sunday, 23rd June ie Minima Thames series.



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