Midlands Circuit - Records

24/01/2013 16:10:16
To add to the Nationals, Silver Tiller and Inlands historic records I have tried to compile an equivalent page for the Midland Circuit. The records are not as complete as I would hope but a first draft of the statistics found so far can be seen at http://merlinrocket.co.uk/misc/midlands_circuit_history.htm.
Mags will be providing a direct link on the website.
I apologise for any typo's, errors or mistakes.
Please contact me with any corrections, amendments or additions and I will arrange for the file to be corrected.

24/01/2013 17:05:06
The direct link is under "News" on the Home Page, "Past Winners of the Midland Circuit".
Hope this will jog a few memories

28/01/2013 10:29:45
AT present the link is also along the top of every forum page. And here:

30/01/2013 18:54:38
Steve Watson
I compiled a history and have sent it through to Ian before I looked at the forum.

It may be the same. My comes from the engravings.


30/01/2013 20:26:45
ex merlin
1978 Results
1 HH
2 KH
3 P King
4 M Mackie
5 J Webb

from Jan 79 Newsletter

30/01/2013 20:50:51
Many thanks everyone for the feedback so far. really helpful.
I should now be able to complete the list of 1st, 2nd and 3rd helms plus hull numbers for pretty much all of the period and correct a few spelling/numerical errors that have crept in over the years.
I'll ask Mags to update the list as soon as I can get him my corrected master file. Please bear with me and keep the info coming.


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